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Our multifaceted PEMF training program gives you the education you need to cultivate the heart of a healer and the mind of a business owner.

PEMF Training For You & Your Team

We are committed to enriching the PEMF community with first-rate service, products, and training. We have developed three levels of unparalleled PEMF education to help expand your PEMF knowledge. By participating in our training program, you’ll become fully educated on how to maximize results with your PEMF system both personally and professionally. Pulse Centers training was developed with you in mind. Our goal is to instill the “Heart of a Healer” and the “Mind of a Business Owner” into all of our PEMF practitioners across the globe. Visit our events calendar today to register for upcoming training.

  • Accessory and System Applications
  • User Care Techniques
  • Business Growth Training
  • Networking Opportunities

Levels of Pulse Centers Certification

We offer practitioners three levels of certification to give them the knowledge and resources needed to deliver PEMF effectively to their clients.

Level 1

Our first level of training, included with your purchase, consists of online modules that educate you about your new system and basic application techniques.
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Level 2

Our second level of training, provided as a benefit to all Pulse Centers owners, is a “one-on-one” video training session with one of our skilled Product Specialists.
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Level 3

Our third level of training requires the completion of Level 1 and Level 2. The Level 3 course involves attending either our one-day or two-day training, which consists of extensive hands-on training with PEMF systems.
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Available Level 3 Courses

One Day Hands-On Training

Come join us for a robust full day of training specifically designed for those with the “Heart of a Healer” seeking to further advance their PEMF knowledge and Pulse Centers systems and accessory application skills. The cost of this training is $400.

Two Day Advanced Training

Includes both one day “Heart of a Healer” training and one-day “Mind of a Business Owner” training. This is ideal for those seeking to advance their PEMF knowledge, application, business, and marketing skills. The cost of this training is $800.

Watch Our Exclusive Webinars and Training Videos

We offer exclusive content for those who own our PEMF systems. This includes a variety of webinars and videos geared to help you make the most out of your investment. Our videos include everything from marketing tips to advice on common positions and techniques to utilize while administering PEMF.


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100,000 Sessions Every Day

Hear why over 100,000 people around the world choose to energize their lives every single day with PEMF from Pulse Centers.

  • “Before I came to the training I was afraid of the machine. I have no fear anymore. I’m like, I can do this!”
  • “Willie talks about shifting the paradigm in the medical care field. “I think we need to start shifting the paradigm to a preventative model, and getting people before they get sick.””
  • “Dr. Deveau discusses being an “open thinker” and natural healing and how PEMF technology is a natural fit for chiropractors. “This is cellular healing at it’s finest. You can work on every cell. There is no limit on what you can do.””
  • “Patti talks about her experience at the Pulse Centers Advanced Training. “We have so many ideas of how to combine the accessories for optimal results.””
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