PEMF Exercise Systems

The Pulse Centers flagship PEMF Exercise system

A smaller footprint and compact size make the Pulse X1 portable and ideal for use in all wellness-based facilities. The X1 delivers the same safe, comfortable, biologically compatible electromagnetic fields emitted by every other Pulse Centers PEMF exercise system. The X1 is fully compatible with all of our system accessories.

“I am very happy with the products from Pulse Centers. Most PEMF products available look very utilitarian, and frankly, alien… like something from the Cold War era. Pulse Centers has not only superior technology, but also well designed, attractive and easy-to-use accessories making treating my patients more comfortable, intuitive and efficient.”

– Paul F. Hambrick III, D.C.

  • Dual accessory inputs allow practitioners to individualize client sessions, targeting separate areas of the body simultaneously or applying both accessories to the same site of concern to intensify the treatment.
  • The Pulse X1 has a modern LED screen to provide easy user access for controlling magnetic field strength and program up to 90 minutes of session time.
  • The Pulse X1 is a more compact, low-maintenance system that precisely delivers both high magnetic field strength and a comfortable therapeutic experience.
  • Because working or sporting dogs and horses lead such physically demanding lives, they are subject to the same types of injuries as people. The compact size and portability of the Pulse X1 make it a perfect choice for veterinarians.
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