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Precise. Powerful. Consistent.

Our innovative products and services continue to set the highest standards for power and flexibility, providing unique magnetic field delivery systems unequalled within in the industry and revolutionizing the way wellness-based facilities utilize PEMF exercise. With more than one million user sessions to date, our PEMF Exercise systems have made a significant contribution to the wellbeing and quality of life for individuals worldwide while supporting the growth of this exciting and emerging industry.

Aluminum Case A proprietary aluminum case design delivers a sleek, compact, and low-maintenance look that blends with any office décor whilst protecting both user and equipment.
Solid State Systems The Pulse XL PRO features our revolutionary Solid State construction. No moving parts means our systems produce more powerful and precise magnetic fields than any other machines on the market and are virtually maintenance free.
3x More Power All the Pulse Centers PEMF Exercise systems emit the same safe, comfortable, biologically compatible electromagnetic fields, unequalled by any other manufacturer in the US.
LED Screens and Easy User Controls Modern LED screens and intuitive user controls allow for fine-grain control for customized comfort and intensity levels, revolutionizing the way practitioners utilize PEMF Exercise with their clients.
Portable and Versatile Whilst ideal for use with all Complementary and Alternative Medicine practices, the compact size and portability make them perfect for mobile practitioners and veterinarians.
Range of Accessories Soft, comfortable, and easy to clean, our artisan-crafted Direct Focus accessories are constructed of durable medical-grade vinyl and enable practitioners to custom-tailor treatment to individual client needs.

Solid-State Engineering and Integrated Electronics

Our most powerful and innovative machine to date, the Pulse XL PRO is the only PEMF Exercise system in the world to combine solid-state engineering, integrated electronics, user-controlled adjustable pulse and magnetic field strength, with up to 10Hz of pulsing power.

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The Pulse Centers flagship PEMF Exercise system

A smaller footprint and compact size make the Pulse X1 portable and ideal for use in all wellness-based facilities. The X1 delivers the same safe, comfortable, biologically compatible electromagnetic fields emitted by every other Pulse Centers PEMF exercise system. The X1 is fully compatible with all of our system accessories.

“I am very happy with the products from Pulse Centers. Most PEMF products available look very utilitarian, and frankly, alien… like something from the Cold War era. Pulse Centers has not only superior technology, but also well designed, attractive and easy-to-use accessories making treating my patients more comfortable, intuitive and efficient.”

– Paul F. Hambrick III, D.C.

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Our Ultra-portable System

Its size and portability make the Pulse X ideal for bringing PEMF Exercise to any location. Its economy make it an attractive entry-level option.

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