Pulse XL Pro

Custom-tailored PEMF power.
Our flagship system lets users and practitioners customize each PEMF session to their needs.

The Pulse XL Pro

The Pulse XL Pro is our most flexible, powerful, and innovative machine.
It’s the only PEMF Exercise system that combines solid-state engineering with user-controlled adjustable pulse. For you, that means more customizable pulsing sessions and virtually no maintenance. The XL Pro measures 21x25x8” and weighs in at 53 lbs, making it perfect for an office setting or home.

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The Pulse XL Pro’s user-friendly design offers unparalleled PEMF session customization and control,
with 19 different frequency and strength settings available and an integrated infinity timer.

Dual PEMF accessory outputs
give users and practitioners flexibility in their sessions using our wide range of accessories.

This sleek, professional-grade system is made in the USA with quality components.
Its solid-state design eliminates moving parts, making the XL Pro virtually maintenance-free.

Pulse XL PRO Elite Package

Our all-inclusive Elite Package is designed for advanced practitioners and those looking to offer full-service PEMF in their practice. It includes all five accessories and the solid-state XL PRO system.

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PEMF Accessories

Our accessories are designed with human anatomy in mind. Each one can specifically target parts of the body with PEMF. We craft each piece by hand with artisan-crafted vinyl for a sleek and modern look. They’re also engineered to be soft, comfortable, and easy to clean.

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Our Warranty

We value our customers, and we pride ourselves in our top-notch customer service. We stand behind our products, and we will always work diligently to solve any issue you experience with our products. That’s why we offer a two-year materials and workmanship warranty. We also offer a five-year extended warranty at the time of purchase, or anytime during the warranty period.

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“What are the differences between the Pulse Centers X, X1 and XL Pro System?”

The XL PRO is our most powerful and versatile system to date. It offers unprecedented variability and control of pulse rate and strength. It eliminates all moving parts making it maintenance free. The Pulses Per Second and Magnetic Field Strength settings are controlled individually allowing for a customized PEMF session. The X1 and the Pro offer dual outlets that enable you to use two accessories at the same time, these units also feature an adjustable session timer. The X and the X1 utilize a spark gap to power the system. The PPS and MFS settings are combined within the same dial. This mechanical system has moving parts and will require scheduled maintenance for maximum performance.

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100,000 Sessions Every Day

Hear why over 100,000 people around the world choose to energize their lives every single day with PEMF from Pulse Centers.

  • “Before I came to the training I was afraid of the machine. I have no fear anymore. I’m like, I can do this!”
  • “Willie talks about shifting the paradigm in the medical care field. “I think we need to start shifting the paradigm to a preventative model, and getting people before they get sick.””
  • “Dr. Deveau discusses being an “open thinker” and natural healing and how PEMF technology is a natural fit for chiropractors. “This is cellular healing at it’s finest. You can work on every cell. There is no limit on what you can do.””
  • “Patti talks about her experience at the Pulse Centers Advanced Training. “We have so many ideas of how to combine the accessories for optimal results.””
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