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Our state-of-the-art professional quality PEMF machines and exclusive line of accessories deliver innovative, user-friendly, and custom-tailored PEMF.

The Pulse Centers Difference

Simple and Easy to Use

Our controls and displays are illuminated and user-friendly.

Relaxing, Non-Invasive, Drug-Free

Our systems deliver powerful, soothing PEMF without being medically invasive.

Fully Programmable and Adjustable

Customize your sessions to your exact needs.

Our PEMF Machines

Our professional-quality machines are precise, powerful, and consistent. Each of our products are handcrafted in the USA with premium materials and are designed to deliver PEMF to all parts of the body.

Pulse X

Whether you’re looking for an affordable home system to support your family, grab-and-go pulsing for your active lifestyle, or a unit for your practice’s rental program, the Pulse X is competitively priced to meet your needs.
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Pulse X1

Our dynamic midsized machine is built to complement and withstand the demands of a clinical environment, handcrafted from sleek aircraft quality aluminum. Power two accessories for an upgraded Pulsing experience!
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Pulse XL Pro

As Pulse Centers’ flagship machine, the Pulse XL Pro is the only machine that combines solid-state engineering with user-controlled adjustable pulsing. Choose from 19 unique pulse rate options, then fine-tune magnetic field strength independently for ultimate customization.
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Machine and Accessory Packages

We’ve bundled our PEMF machines with the perfect variety of accessories to create packages that give you everything you need.

Pulse X Performance Package


Equip our ultra portable Pulse X with three powerful, versatile accessories for focused or whole-body pulsing. The Pulse X Performance Package includes:
  • Ultra-portable Pulse X machine
  • 100% Polyester shoulder strap for comfortable transport
  • 21 x 23” Square Pad – larger areas (back, torso, hips)
  • Dual 10“ Paddles – focused pulsing on joints, head, organs, and muscles
  • Dual 6” Rings- concentrated power for boney areas and dense fibrous tissue and other small areas of tissue
  • Durable canvas accessory bag branded with Pulse Centers logo
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Pulse X1 Basic Package


This package is ideal for any size practice, featuring our dynamic Pulse X1 machine and an assortment of accessories to get you started. The Pulse X1 Basic Package includes:
  • Pulse X1 machine
  • Chair Pad with Rocker*
  • Choice of Dual 10” Paddles OR Dual 6” Rings

*Due to COVID 19 production shortages, our stock of Rockers and Chairs is limited. Furniture wood color may vary and cannot be guaranteed at this time.

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Pulse XL Pro Elite Package


Our all-inclusive Elite Package is designed for doctors, practitioners, and advanced professionals and those looking to offer full-service PEMF in their practice. The Elite Package includes:
  • Pulse XL Pro Solid State machine
  • 6’ Total Body Bed and Massage Table
  • Chair Pad with Rocker*
  • 21 x 23” Square Pad
  • Dual 10” Paddles – focused pulsing on joints, head, organs, and muscles
  • Dual 6” Rings- concentrated power for boney areas and dense fibrous tissue and other small areas of tissue

*Due to COVID 19 production shortages, our stock of Rockers and Chairs is limited, and footstools are no longer available for purchase. Furniture wood color may vary and cannot be guaranteed at this time.

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Compare Our Machines

Whether you’re interested in bringing PEMF to your business or to your home, compare our PEMF machines to find the right fit for your lifestyle.

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Do I have to be a licensed medical professional to purchase a Pulse system?

No! Anyone can purchase a Pulse system for at-home or business use. Those interested in becoming a Certified Pulse PEMF Professional are required to complete formal online and hands-on training. In addition, please check your state requirements for using certain wellness modalities.

PEMF Accessories

Our state of the art Pulse Centers PEMF accessories are created with human anatomy in mind. Each piece is designed to comfortably and efficiently apply PEMF to the body, compatible with all Pulse machines, and handcrafted with soft, durable, leather-free Ultrafabrics®, the brand LandRover and Tesla trust for performance fabrics.

*Footstool is no longer available for purchase

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The Pulse Centers Warranty

We pride ourselves in providing timely response and resolution for any issues you encounter as part of our 5-star customer service experience. That’s why we offer a complementary 3-year Limited Warranty that includes 1-day domestic shipping (as location and availability permit) during the first year of ownership for repairs due to normal usage. Extended warranties are available for purchase through our Lifetime Limited Warranty Program.


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100,000 Sessions Every Day

Hear why over 100,000 people around the world choose to energize their lives every single day with PEMF from Pulse Centers.

  • “Before I came to the training I was afraid of the machine. I have no fear anymore. I’m like, I can do this!”
  • “Willie talks about shifting the paradigm in the medical care field. “I think we need to start shifting the paradigm to a preventative model, and getting people before they get sick.””
  • 222Dr. Deveau discusses being an “open thinker” and natural healing and how PEMF technology is a natural fit for chiropractors. “This is cellular healing at it’s finest. You can work on every cell. There is no limit on what you can do.”

  • “Patti talks about her experience at the Pulse Centers Advanced Training. “We have so many ideas of how to combine the accessories for optimal results.””
  • From a cellular standpoint, it does amazing things that is ultimately going to allow your body to heal, repair, and regenerate the way it was meant to.
  • Brian talks about the effect of PEMF on his life. “This is something I am so passionate about because it can absolutely change situations & circumstances for anyone.”
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