Our Products

Our professional quality systems deliver innovative, user-friendly, and custom-tailored PEMF therapy.

The Pulse Centers Difference

Simple and Easy to Use

Our controls and displays are illuminated and user-friendly.

Relaxing, Non-Invasive, Drug-Free Therapy

Our systems deliver powerful, non-invasive, and relaxing PEMF exercise.

Fully Programmable and Adjustable

Your sessions can be custom-tailored and adjusted to your exact needs.

Our PEMF Systems

Our professional-quality systems are precise, powerful, and consistent. Each one of our products are handcrafted right here in the USA with premium materials, and are designed to deliver optimal PEMF penetration and Hz variability to the body.

XL Pro System

Our flagship system offers unparalleled control and power.
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X1 System

Allows for easy customization with intuitive adjustments.
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X System

Take PEMF on the go with our most portable system.
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System and Accessory Packages

We’ve bundled our PEMF systems with accessories to create packages that are designed to fit your needs.

Pulse XL Pro Elite Package

Ideal for full-service PEMF practices. Includes the Pulse XL Pro and all accessories.

Pulse X1 Basic Package

Ideal for practices of any size. Includes the Pulse X1 system and basic accessories.

Pulse X Performance Package

Ideal for practitioners, rental programs, or bringing PEMF on the go. Features our Pulse X system and basic accessories.

Compare Our Systems

Whether you’re interested in PEMF for your business or home, compare each one of our PEMF systems to find the right fit for your lifestyle.

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“Do you have to be a licensed medical professional to purchase your systems?”

Our systems are considered PEMF exercise devices; anyone can purchase a system(s) for home and/or business use. Pulse Centers does require business owners to complete a formal training program prior to becoming a certified Pulse Centers PEMF practitioner.

PEMF Accessories

Our accessories are designed with human anatomy in mind. Each one can specifically target parts of the body with PEMF. Each accessory is also compatible with all of our systems. We craft each piece by hand with artisan-crafted vinyl for a sleek and modern look. They’re also engineered to be soft, comfortable, and easy to clean.

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Our Warranty

We pride ourselves in providing timely response and resolution for any issues you encounter as part of our 5-star customer service experience. That’s why we offer a complementary 3-year Limited Warranty that includes 1-day domestic shipping (as location and availability permit) during the first year of ownership for repairs due to normal usage. Extended warranties are available for purchase.


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100,000 Sessions Every Day

Hear why over 100,000 people around the world choose to energize their lives every single day with PEMF from Pulse Centers.

  • “Before I came to the training I was afraid of the machine. I have no fear anymore. I’m like, I can do this!”
  • “Willie talks about shifting the paradigm in the medical care field. “I think we need to start shifting the paradigm to a preventative model, and getting people before they get sick.””
  • “Dr. Deveau discusses being an “open thinker” and natural healing and how PEMF technology is a natural fit for chiropractors. “This is cellular healing at it’s finest. You can work on every cell. There is no limit on what you can do.””
  • “Patti talks about her experience at the Pulse Centers Advanced Training. “We have so many ideas of how to combine the accessories for optimal results.””
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Read some common PEMF questions and get helpful answers from our team.

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