Need Financing?

Financing Your Pulse Centers PEMF Exercise System

Pulse Centers recommends a handful of trusted lending specialists based on value and exceptional customer service to bring our customers the best available finance options for our PEMF Exercise systems.

Feel free to contact the service providers below or visit their websites for more information. Once you have decided on the lending specialist who best serves your needs, simply download the appropriate form provided and fax it to them directly.

Leasing Specialists

Leasing Specialists, Inc.

Kathie Seech
P: 724-857-4750
F: 724-857-4755

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Jennifer Finken
P: 877-770-7244 Ext. 4509
F: 877-776-7244

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Stearns Bank Logo

Stearns Bank

Michelle Fuchs
P: 320-260-5731
F: 320-845-4982

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Is this purchase Tax Deductible?

Under IRS Rule 179 your PEMF Device may be fully depreciated in the year of purchase if used in the conduct of business. A personal deduction is allowed only for expenses paid for the prevention or alleviation of a physical defect or illness. Always speak to your accountant about any tax issues.

Calculate Return on Investment

Enter figures appropriate for your situation. Calculation is based upon a 250-day work year.