Need Financing?

At Pulse, we have trusted lenders that can provide you with top-notch value and customer service. To apply, download an application and fax it to one of our lending partners. They’ll make it easy to bring the positive impacts of PEMF to your business.

Leasing Specialists, Inc.


Jennifer Finken

P:877-770-7244 Ext. 4509




Stearns Bank

Ellen Boquist

P:800-247-1922 Ext. 3199




Centra Funding LLC

Reliant Capital

Financing from Pulse

We want PEMF to be accessible because we want to positively impact your business. That’s why, on top of our trusted financing partners, we also offer direct financing options to our customers. To find out more, contact us and we’ll walk you through our available options. *

*Pulse Manufacturer Financing is not currently available to customers outside of the United States.

“Does the purchase of a Pulse Centers PEMF system include a trial period?”

At this time Pulse Centers does not offer a trial program.

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