Why own our system?

Pulse Centers delivers innovation and affordability to any wellness-based enterprise.

Pulse is the most advanced and affordable PEMF-based wellness program on the market today. It is a tried and tested system that gets great results – every time.

Best of all, Pulse PEMF systems are easy to operate and our partnering approach with our customers ensures success. We have the experience to develop a “plug and play” business plan to start generating additional revenue immediately.

Plug into the Pulse Centers simple, turnkey solution and start generating additional income immediately.


"PEMF has become the center post of our practice. Everything we do revolves around the pulse. The patients get great results with it, and I don’t have to touch it; it’s passive income that builds and builds and builds. It’s made my office more organized, and more profitable. It’s like having an associate without the personality to deal with.”
— Dr. David G Lee, DC, Ph D., C.Ad
Woodstock, GA
Why Partner with Pulse Centers?
  • Consistent, predictable results for enhanced wellbeing.
  • Dramatically increased retention rate.
  • Organic, easy-to-follow referral-generating business model.
  • A proven, systematic way to grow your business.
  • Step-by-step ‘quickstart’ program to generate $6,000 revenue in the first 30 days.

More Than Just Another Piece of Equipment

What the Pulse Centers model offers that you won’t get with any other PEMF Exercise system ...
Personalized product training
The Pulse Centers model includes support and training programs you can utilize to quickly integrate the system into your current workflow.
Phone and email support with product specialists
Our product specialists are on call to assist you, providing prompt and accurate responses to all your questions.
Online training and resources
A PEMF Exercise certification course with easy-to-follow training videos and step-by-step marketing plans.
Digital marketing assistance
Guidance in your marketing strategy relating to web design, social media, testimonials harvesting, PPC and SEO, along with ready-to-use artwork and text.
Effective print collateral templates
Free design templates for flyers, brochures, postcards, booklets, banners and posters.
Advanced training seminars and teleconferences
We keep you up to date with the latest research findings, product application ideas, patient success stories and case studies.
PEMF Exercise, ideal for your business
Pulse Centers can demonstrate a business model that will have you working smarter in fewer hours, all the while meeting or exceeding your financial goals.
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