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Read up here on common questions about our PEMF technology and how it can energize your life. Still have questions? Reach out! We’re here to help.

PEMF uses pulsed electromagnetic fields to stimulate and exercise the body’s cells.[2] Like batteries that rapidly lose charge as we face environmental stressors, our cells may need to be recharged in order to best perform their jobs.

PEMF might seem like a new technology to us in North America, but it has been safely used throughout Europe and other countries for more than 50 years. Thousands of studies have proven the benefits of PEMF technology. For a more comprehensive history of PEMF and related studies, search for Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields on
PEMF is typically safe to use unless you have an implanted electronic device such as a pacemaker, defibrillator, or cochlear hearing device or if you are pregnant, actively bleeding, or have blood clots. In these cases, PEMF may not be an option for you. Please read our product disclaimer and, if you have concerns, consult your licensed healthcare professional.

No! Anyone can purchase a Pulse system for at-home or business use. Those interested in becoming a Certified Pulse PEMF Professional are required to complete formal training. In addition, please check your state requirements for using certain wellness modalities.

Pulse Centers PEMF systems are state-of-the-art professional grade machines that use our exclusive line of targeted accessories (the Square Pad, Paddles, Rings, Contoured Total Body Bed, and Chair Pad) to deliver a pulsing magnetic field. In addition to our unique mission of enhancing all life, Pulse Centers also has the only PEMF exercise machine on the market that combines solid-state engineering with user-controlled adjustable pulses—the powerful Pulse XL Pro.
PEMF devices do not treat or diagnose any diseases, illnesses, or injuries. PEMF is a modality meant for general wellness, as it stimulates and exercises the cells. PEMF addresses underlying cellular dysfunction to support the body’s natural healing and regulating abilities. If you have health concerns, consult your licensed healthcare provider.
Yes! PEMF is safe to use in conjunction with other wellness modalities.

Harmful electromagnetic fields have been recognized in various research studies to have significantly higher frequencies and lower wavelengths than PEMF. 

PEMF will pass completely through the body, whether it is high or low intensity. The difference is the amount of charge the field will stimulate. High voltage PEMF produces a sensation that users can actually feel, which helps reassure them the device is working and may prevent overexercise. 

Pulse Centers reserves its machines’ Gauss measurements as proprietary information because we truly believe that PEMF is a sensational experience that cannot be accurately measured or compared by number. To learn more about the Gauss measurement, please read our blog post “The Gauss Question.”

Pulse Centers’ products are wellness devices, not medical devices. Rather than addressing or diagnosing medical issues, PEMF stimulates and exercises the cells, optimizing wellness at the cellular level. For this reason, Pulse Centers has not sought any evaluations or clearances from the FDA.

These 3 unique machines vary in size, features, and overall power. For a full description of our product line, please download our Machine Comparison Sheet.
Many of our customers are pleased with the results of adding Pulse Centers PEMF to their wellness regimen. Listen to their stories here!
In addition to our trusted financing partners, we also offer affordable direct financing options to our customers. Call us at (770) 334-2226 or visit our Financing Page for more information.
Use the Find a Location tool on our website to locate the nearest Certified Pulse PEMF Professional.
Pulsing is a gentle, soothing experience. During a PEMF session, you may notice small muscle contractions, heightened stimulation around areas of pain or previous injury. After the session, you may experience positive sensations such as relaxation,[4,5] increased energy,[6,7] and supported range of motion,[9] or detoxification symptoms such as headache, brain fog, fatigue, or nausea.
Yes, rental programs are available. Please call (888) 952-7030 or email for more information.

[2,4,5,6,7,9]To locate the citations referenced here, visit


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