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Address your clients’ wellness at the cellular level, grow your ROI, and receive quality hands-on training with our state-of-the-art PEMF systems.

Why Partner with Pulse Centers?

Improving wellness and enhancing lives is your business, and it’s ours too! At Pulse Centers, we’re dedicated to enhancing all life by offering a natural cellular energy solution. We believe in the power of PEMF cellular exercise and the support it provides to the body’s incredible interconnected systems.* That’s why we partner with physicians and practitioners to offer a collaborative approach that helps your clients while generating additional revenue for your business.

*For additional information and research behind PEMF, read our document “Research Behind Our Results”.

PEMF technology is a revolutionary wellness modality that’s easy to use, non-invasive, and drug-free. That’s why PEMF is quickly becoming one of the most requested wellness technologies on the market.

Through our partnership, doctors and practitioners have access to world-class, multi-level training directly from our staff. This includes three tiers of training in addition to our owners-only resource, Pulse

We market Certified Pulse PEMF Professionals directly to potential clients using our location page which lists them by certification level. The more Pulse Centers training you complete, the higher your business will rank in the search. Pulse Certified is your one-stop-shop for everything Pulse Centers including training resources, videos, webinars, marketing materials, and more!

We also provide live customer support in case any questions or concerns pop up unexpectedly. Still curious about the benefits of PEMF? Dig into some additional research.

The Benefits of PEMF

Optimize Wellness Non-Invasively

This amplification of natural energy encourages the body to function more effectively for overall wellness.

Return on Investment

PEMF can grow your business as your clients integrate this incredible technology into their wellness regimen.

Ongoing Training & Certification

Learn to foster the heart of a healer and the mind of a business owner through our multi-level certification process.

Hear Why Doctors and Practitioners Choose Pulse

Find Out What Sets Us Apart

We were founded on the desire to help people optimize their wellness and live life to the fullest. We’re still pursuing that goal today.

Why Pulse

Pulse XL PRO Elite Package


Customize PEMF sessions for each unique patient, client, family member, or even the family pet. Our all-inclusive Elite Package is designed for advanced practitioners and those looking to offer full-service PEMF in their practice.

Get the XL PRO Elite Package

Harness the power of PEMF.

Learn what it means to have the Heart of a Healer and the Mind of a Business Owner through our exclusive webinars, videos, and more. Owning our system will give you access to a wealth of educational content, resources, and three levels of training that will help you learn the fundamentals of PEMF therapy.

Pulse Training

What Can PEMF Optimize?

Looking for more information on how PEMF can optimize your body from head to toe? Be sure to download our latest infographic.

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