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Enhance the wellness of your clients, grow your ROI, and get quality hands-on training with our PEMF systems.

Why Partner with Pulse Centers?

Enhancing the wellness of each and every person you see is your business — and it’s ours too. At Pulse Centers, we’re devoted to improving lives by offering a natural solution to help those struggling with general unwellness. We truly believe in the power of PEMF exercise and the stimulating energy it provides to all systems and organs in the body.* That’s why we partner with physicians and practitioners to offer a collaborative approach that helps your clients while generating additional revenue for your business.

*For additional information and research behind PEMF, read our document “Research Behind Our Results”.

PEMF technology is a natural alternative that’s easy to administer, safe, and non-invasive. Put simply, PEMF helps accelerate your clients or patients towards their goal of lasting optimal wellness. That’s why PEMF therapy is quickly becoming one of the most requested mind and body enhancement technologies on the market. Since PEMF is a complementary method of success for a wide range of issues, you’ll be able to quickly make a return on your investment while helping your entire patient base.

Through our partnership, doctors and practitioners will have access to multi-level training directly from our staff. This includes three different tiers of training in addition to our owners-only resource, Pulse

We feature our Pulse Certified practitioners on our location page by their certification level, offering those interested in the potential of the Pulse experience an opportunity to find your location. The more Pulse Centers’ training you complete, the higher your business will appear on our page. Pulse Certified is your one-stop-shop to everything Pulse Centers, including training resources, videos, webinars, marketing materials, and more!

Plus, if you ever have any questions or concerns pop up unexpectedly, we provide live speedy customer support to help you out. If you’re still curious about the benefits of PEMF, google it or go to

The Benefits of PEMF

Overall Wellness

Help improve the overall wellness of your clients with the stimulating power of PEMF.

Return on Investment

PEMF can help grow your business as your clients learn the benefits of PEMF in their lives.

Ongoing Training & Certification

Learn to foster the heart of a healer and the mind of a business owner through our multi-level certification process.

Hear Why Doctors and Practitioners Choose Pulse

Find Out What Sets Us Apart

We were founded on the desire to help people get past their pain and live life to the fullest. Today, we’re still pursuing that goal.

Why Pulse

Pulse XL PRO Elite Package


Our all-inclusive Elite Package is designed for advanced practitioners and those looking to offer full-service PEMF in their practice. It includes all five accessories and the solid-state XL PRO system.

Get the XL PRO Elite Package

“What types of health conditions does PEMF treat or address?”

Dr Magda Havas said, “PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) devices do not treat a specific condition. Instead they optimize the body’s natural self-healing and self-regulating function.”

– Dr. Magda Havas, Associate Professor of Environmental & Resource Studies at Trent University

Calculate Your ROI

Our PEMF systems offer a proven return on investment to businesses in the health and wellness industries. See how much your business could grow with the power of PEMF.

ROI Calculator

Learn how to harness the power of PEMF.

Learn what it means to have the Heart of a Healer and the Mind of a Business Owner through our exclusive webinars, videos, and more. Owning our system will give you access to a wealth of educational content, resources, and three levels of training that will help you learn the fundamentals of PEMF therapy.

Pulse Training

What Can PEMF Optimize?

Looking for more information on how PEMF can optimize your body from head to toe? Be sure to download our latest infographic.

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The Research Behind Our Results

Want to learn the proven science behind PEMF? Download this PDF to see the research behind our results.

Download PDF

Why Own Our System?

Find out what sets our PEMF technology apart.

Why Own Our System


Want to get PEMF technology in your home or practice? Here’s how.

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Read some common PEMF questions and get helpful answers from our team.

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