PEMF Exercise Accessories

Amplify the benefits of PEMF Exercise

Our PEMF Exercise systems can be used in conjunction with one, or more accessories

Our body-application accessories accommodate full-body PEMF, along with pinpointed areas when using either our XL Pro or X1. These artisan-crafted accessories are soft, comfortable, and easy to clean, constructed of durable medical-grade vinyl. They deliver focused magnetic fields with zero ‘Dead Zone’ areas.

Contoured Total Body Bed with Table

The largest, most powerful accessory on the market.

Our 6-foot bed allows for a total-body charging experience with a massage table. It can also be used with 10″ Paddles or 6″ Rings to amplify and customize the PEMF Exercise experience. The new contour design, released 2017, allows the spine to rest in a neutral position.

Chair Pad with Rocker

Ideal for those who require complete core charging.

Specifically designed to fit the Rocker, the Pad delivers electromagnetic fields through the core. Constructed of light, durable wood, the Rocker promotes relaxation during PEMF Exercise sessions.

Square Pad with Seat

Used for isolation during a session for shoulders, lower back, hips, and any area requiring a concentrated focus with a deep penetration. 20”x22” area.

10″ Paddles

10” Paddles are used to concentrate magnetic pulses or amplify the Pad’s effects. The Paddles provides a softer pulse for visceral tissue and organs.

6″ Rings

Constructed with multiple magnetic loops, this accessory provides extra power in a 6” area, ideal for knees, wrists, elbows, ankles, or other small, difficult to address areas.

Portable Office Cart

Mobile Hand Truck

Cellular Exercise Accessories for Equine Use

Ideal relief for animals in pain without the side effects of drugs or expensive vet bills.

When purchasing a PEMF Exercise system for equine use you will receive the following: 1 x Large Double Sunloop, 2 x Small Butterflies, 1 x 10″ Medium Sunloop (not pictured) and a cart with large wheels for your system. Each accessory has a 15 foot tail for extended reach.

Large Double Sunloop

Small Butterfly

Large Wheel Cart