Yoga & PEMF: Get Those Good Vibes

Good Vibes

When we talk about energy in the yoga practice, most people are probably thinking in vague, esoteric terms, “woowoo,  lavender, and moonbeams” as my teacher jokingly opines. You’ve probably seen t-shirts that say, “Good Vibes” and heard yogis talk about being responsible for the energy one brings into a space. Although some yogis may only be repeating the current cliché floating around in yoga culture… what if there was actually something bigger to this discussion of energy?

What if on a practical level we really understood that the energy in our bodies is a real thing: voltage? And that very real, very measurable thing, is also a significant indicator of health.

The Importance of Cellular Health

Our body runs on the energy created by our cells. Our cellular energy is directly associated with our level of health. It is imperative to understand that the total metabolism of the body is the sum of the metabolic operations carried on in each individual cell. Energy is created through a recharging process called the Krebs cycle in which oxygen is consumed, producing water and carbon dioxide as waste, converting ADP into energy-rich ATP. The average person expends their body weight in ATP every day. Essentially, our cells are wet batteries that require recharging to function optimally.  

Most yogis know that our diet, water intake, rest, and activity level all contribute to our overall sense of well-being. We often fall in love with the yoga practice because of how it makes us feel. But even when we are doing the best we can, many of us still spend 8 hours a day sitting in front of a computer at work, then sitting in traffic, then sitting in the fast-food drive-thru, and then even more time sitting in front of a TV or staring at our cell phones… we often aren’t getting enough of what we need, even if we do know better!

With low cellular energy, we experience dis-ease, discomfort, and fatigue. Our cells turnover at a rapid rate and they can only create new cells based on the raw materials provided in the body.  If there are not enough healthy energized cells to create new cells from, our body will continue to build unhealthy, low-energy cells. As the adage goes, “garbage in, garbage out.” We do not function optimally because our cells do not have the raw material they need.  Even with a regular yoga practice, our bodies may be lacking the essential building blocks needed for true wellness, preventing us from reaching optimal levels of health.

It sounds simplistic, but understanding that we are electrical beings — that we run on a charge — can change the entire paradigm of wellness.  It’s not just a cliché, but an actual methodology for improving our health and function. We charge our cell phones, our bluetooth devices, our iPads, some folks even charge their vehicles!  So doesn’t it make sense that we should also be able to recharge our cells? That the trillions of little batteries that make up our body could use a boost?

PEMF Therapy

Enter PEMF therapy.  Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is a drug-free, non-invasive application of technology that, according to Dr. Magda Havas, “optimizes the body’s natural self-healing and self-regulating functions.”  Cellular exercise supports the bodies natural healing abilities by applying a pulsed electromagnetic field to the body through accessories, stimulating the nervous and lymphatic system and (if powerful enough) sometimes causing muscular contraction. When cells are stimulated they pump out waste material and allow fresh nutrients and oxygen to enter. This exchange creates a positive charge in the cell and provides individual cells the energy they need to perform their best work.

PEMF therapy, like yoga, should be considered fundamental to one’s wellness routine. Through the practice of yoga we learn greater mobility and strength in the body; we engage with the breath to regulate the central nervous system; we monitor thoughts and learn to gauge our edge as we purposefully assume uncomfortable or challenging positions.  With the addition of PEMF we provide the body the necessary cellular energy to optimize all of our systems. For every person who has fallen in love with how yoga makes them feel, the benefits of Pulse Centers PEMF cellular exercise is a perfect complement. We can fully harness the bodies natural healing potential with the combination of these two sciences!

So, when we’re talking about good vibes, think on an energetic level! Give your cells those good vibes and optimize your health with PEMF!