Word of Mouth Marketing for your PEMF Business: 5 Simple Steps

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When customers see extraordinary results, they’re likely to share that experience. Word of mouth is a valuable tool in your marketing arsenal. Thus, learning how to reach your current customers’ untapped network could be the boost your business needs.

1) Set the stage for selfies.

In the digital age and with the evolution of the selfie, so many activities are coveted as much for their “photo op” value as for the activity itself. Museums, tourist destinations, and contemporary dining all capitalize on the consumer desire to capture the moment. Not surprisingly, spas, wellness centers, and biohacking facilities are following suit!

First, make sure the space where you offer PEMF sessions is well-lit, preferably with a large window allowing natural light to shine through. Decorate with modest, modern accents, or create an enchanting themed space. Most importantly, offer to sneak a photo of your client while they’re enjoying their session, for them to post later. Here are some of our Pulse Professionals’ impressive selfie-inspiring setups!

Competitive Edge Physical Therapy

Stand Wellness, Photo by Alexis Rae Photo

Timothy Morris

2) Amplify the Signal

As customers begin sharing their photos, stories, videos, and experiences publicly, be sure to encourage them by ‘liking’ and ‘sharing’ their posts. Consider offering an incentive for customers who actively promote your business in this way or offering perks or points via a referral program for various types of content your customers create.

3) Ask for Reviews

Next, ask your trusted, consistent clients to leave a review on your Facebook page or Google My Business listing. To do this, use a simple prompt: “It would mean the world to me if you would take a few minutes to write a review for my business explaining how PEMF has impacted your life.” If you offer discounts or other gifts for reviews, always do so as a “thanks” rather than as an incentive.

4) Add Value on Social Media

Thanks to social media, customers can advertise for you at the click of a button. One way to leverage this is by releasing educational content compatible with their interests. When they ‘Share’ that content to their feeds or stories, it increases your brand awareness and may point prospective customers to your page.

5) Word of Mouth via Influencers

Finally, consider partnering with local or industry celebrities with a large social media following. Not surprisingly, celebrities and influencers are drawn to exactly the type of industry-leading biohacking technology you own. Typically, owners offer an exchange of their services for a certain number of “features” on the influencer’s page.

Word of mouth marketing, despite being one of the oldest, is still the most valuable marketing tactic. These are just a few ways that word of mouth marketing on social media can drive prospects to your business. Provide value, deliver exceptional customer experience, and leverage these new tools.

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