Word of Mouth Marketing for your PEMF Business

Your current clients have received noticeable results with the help of your Pulse PEMF machine. When people see extraordinary results, their first instinct is to tell others of that experience; they want to share with others the impactful benefits that they have. Thus, although it may seem obvious and a bit out-dated, shining a spotlight on personal stories is a viable, crucial marketing tool. In our tech-driven world, people are more widely connected than ever. This means that there are potential marketing channels that can deliver positive stories about your Pulse PEMF business. While marketers and small businesses have a litany of programs and suites to help dissect and analyze marketing efforts, personal first-hand stories and word of mouth represents a continual marketing tool that can increase sales, engagement, and customer loyalty. Here are five ways that you can help bolster conversations with effective personalized stories and word of mouth marketing.

1) Record Your Clients’ Experiences

Short, written stories work very well, especially if you use a website or an online platform. An authoritative website full of personal first-hand accounts has shown to increase conversions from readership to tentative clients. Online stories work because they tap into one of the more influential methods of marketing— word of mouth.

Video marketing is the best way to record a personal experience because they offer a layer of authenticity that can be used to make written stories more poignant. With video, there is a real person who is prepared to associate their reputation with your services and products. It creates trust and helps forge an authentic connection between the viewer, the person in the video, and the company. This trust helps to strengthen the relationship between brand and consumer; the majority of consumers recognize that stories make them trust a company more. Visit our library of over 300 Pulse Stories on our Youtube Channel here.

2) Ask Your Clients for a Google or Facebook Review

Generally, reviews are positioned as unbiased, honest opinions from someone who has firsthand experience with the product or service. Research shows that 84% of people say they trust reviews just as much as personal recommendations. Reach out to potential clients and ask if they can leave a positive review on your social media profiles or google page in exchange for a discount or some other sort of recognition.

3) Use User-Generated Content To Your Advantage

As your business grows, customers will start sharing self-generated content. What’s that exactly? It’s the content they create on their websites or social media channels. A great example is an Instagram post showing them pulsing at your facility. You can help facilitate word of mouth marketing by posting customer photos on your social media or your product pages. Don’t forget to credit them in the post – in the age of links and feedback, they will appreciate the reciprocity of linking to their account. Consider offering incentives for promoting your business or consider using a referral or affiliate program where you offer perks or points for various types of content customers create.

4) Add Value on Social Media

You can increase leads and generate interest in your business and your Pulse PEMF technology with the help of social media. In the age of transparency, people want to connect with you and your company on a personal level. Create value for your followers by promoting gated content on social media channels. For this to work out, you will have to create educational content that’s compatible with the interest of your audience. The good thing is that so many out there have no idea what PEMF even is (yet!) This creates an opportunity for you to deliver by creating infographics to educate or connect with your followers by hosting an informational Facebook Live.

5) Influencer Marketing

You can build brand awareness by targeting influencers on social media to market PEMF technology to their audiences. This creates a new channel for customers to become familiar and inquire about your services.


Word of mouth marketing is arguably the most influential marketing tactic for any business. These are just a few ways that word of mouth marketing help drive positive conversations around your business. 

Provide value, deliver exceptional customer experience, and leverage your resources to fully benefit from the positive effects of word of mouth marketing for your PEMF business.

Author: Pulse Centers
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