Using PEMF to Support Dental Health

Our teeth, jaws, and gums can have a real connection to a whole host of health issues.  There are many reasons for this but probably none more important than the fact that the mouth is a direct gateway into the body.  For this reason, bolstering and strengthening this area with PEMF energy is crucial to preventing a lot of potential health problems.  

One reason is that the teeth, gums, and jawbone are on acupuncture meridians.  Thus, if an issue develops on these meridians it may lead to imbalances on the associated organs, glands, or bodily systems (click on this link to see an interactive dental meridian chart). 

Because PEMF has been noted to assist with bone growth and enhance micro-circulation it should be a helpful component in supporting this area. If harmful microbes are present in the teeth, gums, or jaw they might drain into the body and spread to the blood, lymph, or internal organs.  The goal is that the use of PEMF will be able to help support this area and prevent any possible infection from gaining hold deeper in the body, enabling the individual to improve their overall health, quality of life and prevent any additional potential issues from developing.  

It can do this because when the jaw and gums develop weakness or breakdown in some way, it creates an opportunity for harmful microorganisms to grow and spread to other areas of the body.  In essence, we want to restore as much strength and health to the dental area as possible. Doing so will help create a protective barrier to the remainder of the body.  

Pulse PEMF and Dental Health

When pulsing the jaw and head it is easiest to use the smaller Pulse Centers’ accessories, the 6” Rings and 10” Paddles.  The Rings are great when you want to pulse smaller bony locations with greater power. The Paddles are outstanding when you want to cover a wider surface area as the accessory has no dead zone.  Both the Paddles and Rings accessories play a key role in delivering PEMF into the locations where they are most needed. You are only limited by your creativity as you can place them on any location and in any way to deliver the magnetic field into the body.

Some of the possible dental disorders that can develop when this area is compromised would include: 

All of these disorders and issues can lead to the development of many other concerns.  It is imperative that proper dental care and hygiene are also utilized on a consistent basis.

Contributing Factors

As always following a healthy diet and lifestyle will pay dividends, as well.  Eating a diet that is high in fresh fruits and vegetables, whole or minimally processed grains, and nuts, seeds, lean protein sources, and high-quality fats can provide high-quality nutrition.  

On the other side of the spectrum, one of the worst things that one could do would be to eat a diet that is high in refined food.  The most refined food is sugar (sucrose) as this could potentially lead to a host of issues including dental decay, blood sugar imbalances, weight gain, frequent colds, yeast overgrowths, and high blood pressure.  Be sure to limit your intake of this highly refined, virtually nutritionless food.

In conclusion, the health of our mouth is a contributing factor to overall wellness and because of the many benefits of PEMF, it can be considered a complementary modality for supporting the health of the teeth, gums, and jaw. There are many other factors as well, like a healthy diet, quality supplements, proper hygiene, and regular exercise.  Be sure to use all of these measures to effectively enhance results.

Author: Chris Sembera
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