PEMF Can Help Provide Support to the Bladder

No Limitations with PEMF

One of the great things about cellular exercise (PEMF) is that it has no limitations, and can be used anywhere on the body. This is true even for difficult to address internal, hard to reach areas of the body. High voltage PEMF systems make this possible because it can penetrate and provide enough intensity to bring about a shift in specific areas of imbalance.

Healing is Voltage

The reason that PEMF is so broadly effective is that when healthy our cells maintain an electrical charge at a certain level they are able to use the body’s self-healing and self-regulating abilities. The cells function like batteries and actually need and store electricity. As long as the cells are getting and maintaining a proper voltage level they are more efficient and will function at a more optimal level. However, If the charge drops below a certain point then pain and disease can manifest. Dr. Jerry Tennant further builds on this and states, chronic disease is always defined by low electrical charge and that with enough voltage and raw materials, the body can, “heal almost anything.” PEMF delivers voltage back into the cells which provides an opportunity to restore any potential electrical imbalances. This newfound energy will enable the body to address any underlying health challenges.

With this in mind, there is no reason to think that PEMF or cellular exercise won’t be helpful in supporting any area that needs bolstering. So recently, having found to have a bladder issue, I started to utilize several positions to focus the magnetic field directly on the bladder area as follows:


# 1 – Combination – Sitting on Square Pad with Paddles or Rings Pointing at the Pelvis


# 2 – Combination – Bed and Square Pad with the Center Focal Point of Square Pad Focused on the Bladder/Pelvic Region


# 3 – Single Accessory – Sitting on the Square Pad


#4 – Single Accessory – Laying on top of Square Pad Focused Toward Bladder/Pelvic

All of these positions are very effective. But for me, the most powerful of the four is laying on top of the square pad with focal point centered under the bladder/pelvic region (Position #4).

Dr. Robert Gilliland of Florida Natural Health Center, gave me some tips on settings as he muscle tested me for PPS settings and found that a 5.0 PPS would be best for me. I have done this setting for about a month now with positions on the bladder ranging from 30-60 minutes each day.

The results so far have been very noticeable and include:

Clearly, these pulsing strategies have been beneficial to me. I will keep pulsing this area for the next couple of months to see just how much I can build on this newfound energy and functionality.