Parker Seminars Las Vegas Features Pulse Centers

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Parker Seminars Las Vegas once again features Pulse Centers as a sponsor February 6-8, 2020 at the Paris Hotel. Pulse Centers continues to support the chiropractic profession and the benefits it provides to patients. As chiropractors continue to discovery the astounding benefits of PEMF, the technology grows as complement to wellness regimens everywhere.

Because chiropractic emphasizes a natural approach to healing and wellness, chiropractors include regular physical exercise and nutrition in their patient education and treatment arsenal. PEMF supports this by providing cellular exercise. So, what is cellular exercise? Basically, PEMF stimulates and exercises the cells,[2] encouraging them to do their jobs within the body better.

Regular physical exercise is a great starting point for healthy habits and positive body results. Essentially, cellular exercise works the same way. Just like going to the gym gets you into the habit of regular workouts, incorporating PEMF supports your overall wellbeing.

Parker Seminars Las Vegas is one of the largest chiropractic seminars in the United States. More than 40 speakers pack the house for up to 19 hours of continuing education for DC’s and up to 10 hours for chiropractic assistants. This year, Parker seminars highlights the IBCN Neurology Diplomate Track. Further, Don Dishman and David Seaman will be teaching Part 1. Pulse Centers is delighted to be a part of the Parker Seminars Expo Extravaganza. We’re ready to “Rock it” with our state-of-the-art product that can help to support and propel chiropractic practices to the next level.

Now, remember to visit the Expo and stop by booth #415. The Pulse Centers team will be happy to share with you how easy it is to include PEMF in your practice.

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