Ninjas Use PEMF Too!

ANW Season 11

Season 11 of The American Ninja Warrior premiered on NBC last Wednesday. The show features hundreds of competitors attempting to complete series of obstacle courses of increasing difficulty in various cities across the United States, in hopes of advancing to the national finals on the Las Vegas Strip and becoming the season’s “American Ninja Warrior.” This week, the show visits the birthplace of Pulse Centers in the city of Atlanta! It was a special season for Pulse Centers as we had a few ‘Pulsing Ninjas’ in the A this year.

Our ‘Pulsing’ Ninjas

The Pulse Centers team was first introduced to Michael Poston, 2x Ninja Warrior, at the Pro Experience during Super Bowl weekend. Poston got a taste of the Pulse XL Pro, the most advanced solid-state PEMF system, and never looked back. Check out his interview with Rachele Brooke Smith on how PEMF has had a positive impact on his life here! Poston invited the rest of Ninja gang: Jessica Clayton, Nick Patel, and Kevin McCall to our Experience Center in Atlanta. The group trains together out of Ninja Quest in Marietta, GA, just down the road from our Atlanta office. They all utilized PEMF over the course of their training to help them feel better, accelerate recovery, and achieve peak performance. Check out what they all had to say about Pulse PEMF and how it helped them in training for the big event on our YouTube Page here!

Listed Front to Back: Jessica Clayton, Michael Poston, Kevin McCall, and Nick Patel

One of a Kind!

Jessica Clayton premiered on last nights episode with a fantastic round that has advanced her to the next stage. Watch it here! As someone who’s familiar with adversity, Jessica understands the importance of creating a mental mindset that allows her to navigate whatever is thrown at her. Jessica is a single mom of three kids and is a member of the Army National Guard. Her family has gone from living out of their car to traveling the country and competing with some of the world’s best athletes.

“You have to have the mental capacity to push past the physical limitations. If you’re too afraid to even try something, that’s the biggest killer. You get to something and you look and you’re like, ‘I’m going to do what? I’m going to jump and hang, and I’m going to fall.’ If you can’t get past that in your head, you can’t even physically try the obstacles.”

Jessica’s journey has just started and we are excited to be apart of the ride. Check out her story below!

Jessie Graff Charged Up!

Jessie Graff has become well known for her athletic achievements on ANW, so much that she is the cover of this season. In 2016, Graff became the first woman ever to complete Stage 1 of the Las Vegas Finals course. Jessie is also an athletics-based television personality where she will be a stunt woman in the upcoming Wonder Women film. We are thrilled to have Jessie apart of the Pulse Team!

Jessie shown pulsing with her Pulse X Performance Package
Author: Pulse Centers
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