Muscle Recovery and PEMF

It’s that time of year and New Year’s resolutions are still at the forefront of our minds. For many of us, getting in shape, or at the very least, improving our physical activity levels was at the top of the resolution list, if not the number one priority going into this new decade. 

But, if you haven’t been active in a while, getting in shape can be a daunting task and one you need to approach carefully. Getting into a workout routine is a great habit to develop and will have tremendous health benefits to your entire body. Positive changes can include weight and fat loss, muscle growth and improved cardiovascular health. However, the risk of injury is also high as you begin to exercise muscles you may not have used in quite a while. 

Understanding muscle recovery and what’s happening to your body will help you to reduce the risk of injury so you can maintain your new workout routine well into the new year. Exerting muscles you haven’t used in a while is key to getting in shape, but if you don’t allow for a recovery or rest period, you really aren’t getting the full benefit of your workout routine.

Each time you exert these muscles, including the heart and lungs, you are building stamina and becoming more fit than you were before you began this new workout regimen. And as you get into the habit of exercising multiple times per week, scheduling recovery in between, you will begin to see you can handle more difficult workouts and your overall fitness will visibly improve. 

Incorporating PEMF

Just as our bodies benefit from regular exercise, so do our cells. Think of it this way, when you increase your cardiovascular exercise, your heart and lungs pump more oxygen throughout your body, and you begin to build muscle and lose fat. When cellular exercise takes place through PEMF, a similar process occurs where our cells are energized and remove waste, bringing new nutrients and oxygen into the mix. 

Going to the gym once a week is better than not going at all, but you aren’t going to achieve the results you want if this is your goal. Regular physical exercise is how you get results and cellular exercise works the same way. Just like going to the gym on a schedule gets you into a great habit of regular workouts, incorporating regular cellular exercise through PEMF will help you to support your immune system and the muscle’s natural healing processes, both of which will keep you on track with your fitness resolutions.

Overuse can lead to muscle strains and injury. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommends incorporating weekly exercise over the course of several days and cellular exercise can be done by following a similar pattern. Eating the right foods can also help you build the right foundation in your new exercise routine. Focus on whole foods rich in antioxidants and lean proteins. And believe it or not, getting seven to nine hours of sleep per night also aids in muscle recovery.

The best advice is to get your physical and cellular exercise routines in place and pay attention to how your body feels and is responding to your workouts. Don’t let your resolution fall by the wayside, get your body moving and get those cells exercising so 2020 is the year you look and feel better than you ever have before.

Author: Pulse Centers
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