Managing Stress with Lifestyle Changes: The Impact of Stress on Wellness

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Stress is the body’s biological response to demanding or threatening situations. Sometimes, these factors spark a positive change, but sometimes they push us beyond our abilities to cope with life’s demands. For this reason, managing stress is crucial for overall wellness.

The Biology of stress

In addition to the direct consequences of poor stress management to our wellness, stress can create a chain of impact. When stressed, we make poor diet choices, experience trouble sleeping, and have less motivation to stay active. All these things can have a detrimental impact on our bodies and our minds. 

Like many of the issues we discuss, taking better care of your body overall may help you to resolve issues specific to one region, in this case the mind. The Mayo Clinic offers the following suggestions for managing stress more efficiently. 

  • Ask your Pulse Professional to implement a “cooldown” at the end of your session by pulsing at low intensity for 10 minutes
  • Hydrate with 16 to 32 ounces of water following the session
  • Avoid high-intensity stimulation of the core of the body
  • Ask your Pulse Professional about adding PulseFuel to help your nutrient intake

Managing Stress

These practical applications echo the familiar rallying cry in favor of PEMF: “Support the body’s natural ability to heal itself!” That’s the goal of each recommendation above. However, when stress is at an all-time high, our energy is typically at an all-time low. That’s the role cellular exercise in the form of PEMF may be able to play as an addition to your wellness routine. 

The cells in our bodies are like batteries and, when the stress of life depletes those batteries of energy, the body may no longer function as it was meant to. PEMF addresses cellular dysfunction to re-energize our cells and support our body’s opportunity and natural ability to heal itself.[2] Further, PEMF may help to support general relaxation.[4,5] Even a little bit of extra rest can go a long way to mitigate the impact of stress and improve our overall health. 

Don’t let the daily stress of life become an obstacle for your health and productivity. In order to accomplish this, identify the stressors your body is responding to, take control of what you can, get plenty of rest and exercise, and give your body the raw materials it needs, including PEMF.

[2,4,5]To locate the citations referenced here, visit

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