How I Use Low-Intensity Pulsing To Magnify My Results

1000 Hour Club

On May 22nd, the first day that I joined the Pulse Centers family, I immediately fell in love with their Cellular Exercise systems. Since that day, I have pulsed at every available opportunity. I loved it so much that within a couple of weeks, I made the commitment to pulse 2-3 hours each day. My cellular exercise time has added up quickly and as of October 31, 2018, I have pulsed over 1000 plus total hours.

Low And Slow

Because I viewed pulsing at a high level of MFS as the way to improve all non-acute situations, I was initially always pulsing at strong levels. However, I learned to appreciate the value of low intensity pulsing one day when I had a severe detox episode with several unpleasant symptoms. My strongest reactions were headaches and brain fog, both of which were prominent. When I shared this with one of my coworkers, she explained that I had probably over exercised myself and was experiencing a detoxification episode.


To address this concern she encouraged me to utilize a gentle pulsing technique known to reduce detoxification symptoms. She said to sit in either the Chair Pad or lay on the Whole Body Contoured Bed Pad and then she turned on the low and slow settings, 1.0 – 2.0 PPS and 25% MFS or less. This weaker approach worked even better than I could have hoped and within 20 minutes the symptoms were totally gone.

This was amazing to me because I was able to move through the whole detox episode very rapidly. Low-Intensity Pulsing enabled me to complete the elimination process very rapidly and also to start fresh with high intensity pulsing the next day.

During my first two and a half months of pulsing, I used weekly sixty-minute, low-intensity pulsing sessions to help clear my biggest symptoms. Using this technique always results in me feeling like a million bucks.

Once I tried omitting it, but my detox symptoms intensified. However, after adding low-intensity pulsing back into my program, the symptoms disappeared within minutes. This experience made it clear just how beneficial this technique is for rapidly and effectively moving through the detoxification process.

Due to the progress that I made in the first seventy-five days, my body only rarely seems to want or need low-Intensity pulsing. Still, I’m happy to have it at my disposal, for the occasional times when the need arises. If you are experiencing detoxification reactions, be sure to make it a part of your program. You will be glad that you did!

Author: Pulse Centers
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