Digestive Health is Supported by PEMF

The digestion process is one of the most important things that our body does to nourish and cleanse itself.  However, in modern living, we are eating so much processed food and the amount of stress that people live with is pushing their digestive system to its limit.  This is especially true for those with food intolerances, especially if they are continuing to eat the foods to which they are sensitive.

Clearly, addressing digestive health issues will take a multi-pronged approach.  This will always include adhering to a healthy diet and lifestyle. Correcting any energetic imbalances are also very important.  As we have learned from Dr. Jerry Tennant, author of “Healing is Voltage,” chronic health imbalance is due at least in part to low voltage levels in the cells. 

Because PEMF energizes the cells, it can potentially be a game-changer.  The pulsing electromagnetic field provides cells the energy they lack in a low-voltage environment.  A one-hour PEMF session typically results in feeling energized, refreshed, and invigorated.  

The gastrointestinal tract is comprised of cells just like every other part of the body.  This is why PEMF can be so effective with such a wide diversity of issues. When charged cells have the necessary energy for repair and rejuvenation – which they previously did not possess – they are able to self-heal and self-regulate.  Likewise, if our cells do not have sufficient levels of electricity then they will likely not be able to carry out the natural rebuilding process. It’s that simple!

Digestive Issues

When the health of the gastrointestinal region is functioning at a lower than normal level, multiple symptoms and disorders can occur.  These issues can be very far-ranging and include:

Also, there are many symptoms that people experience with gastrointestinal distress and can include:

All of these symptoms and disorders are indicators that the gastrointestinal system is under duress.  So, if one wants to improve the health and function of their digestive system, they can take certain steps to support this area.  These steps could include a number of things such as a healthy diet, nutritional and herbal support, exercise, getting sufficient sleep, and optimal hydration to help enhance the function of the digestive system. 

The Digestive System and PEMF

Exercising the digestive system with PEMF is one of the most beneficial things that one could utilize the Pulse Centers systems and accessories for.  Our smaller accessories are able to drive a lot more power directly focused to the digestive tract. Having enough power to penetrate all the way through the body can be a major factor in helping to improve the energetic health of the targeted region, especially with our ability to use two accessories at the same time to push-pull the pulsed electromagnetic field between the two accessories.

Pulsing the digestive area has a plethora of benefits including a relaxed, calm feeling in the area, a reduction in gas, and the virtual elimination of painful abdominal cramping.

In conclusion, PEMF can be a helpful tool as part of a wellness plan.  To optimize results, be sure to combine it with nutrition, diet and other factors that will enable you to get the very best results.  If you are experiencing issues in this area, please be sure to consult with a healthcare professional. They can help you to create an effective wellness program and tailor it to your individual needs.

Author: Pulse Centers
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