Bladder Wellness: Supporting Healthy Bladder Function with PEMF

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Bladder wellness is crucial to avoiding serious and often stigmatized health issues in the bladder region. Among the most common is urinary incontinence. However, supporting this area with natural energy might be an addition to your wellness regimen that sparks a change.

Urinary Incontinence

Although it manifests in many ways, urinary incontinence is typically a symptom of another problem. Most commonly, it relates to stress, overflow, or neurological issues. Signs of urinary incontinence may include…

  • Leaks of urine, released at unwanted times
  • Dripping after urination (dribbling is due to the bladder not emptying fully)
  • Inability to make it to the toilet before leaking urine
  • Stress on the bladder (sneezing, coughing, etc.) causing urine leakage 

If you experience any of these, your bladder may not be operating at an optimal level. First, consult with your licensed healthcare provider to explore factors that may be contributing to incontinence. Oftentimes, age, weight, and overall bladder health play a role. Sometimes more serious neurological issues or cancers may be the root cause.

Bladder Wellness: A Natural Approach

Next, consider incorporating more bladder wellness support to your wellness regimen. This may include nutritional components, jogging and walking, pelvic floor exercises, and even PEMF. 

In addition to its direct effects on bladder issues, physical activity can also support bladder wellness by helping you maintain a healthy weight. Pelvic floor exercises, in particular, also known as “kegel” exercises, strengthen the muscles that hold urine in the bladder. Performing these exercises daily may have a noticeable effect on your ability to avoid bladder leakage when you sneeze or cough.

PEMF’s effect, by contrast, may be able to support the pelvic region by stimulating and exercising the cells. When cells, which are in many ways like batteries, operate at “full charge,” they are better able to support the body’s self-healing and self-regulating functions.[2] 

Positions to Target the Pelvic Region

To target the pelvic region with the Dual Paddles, lie down. Then, place the Paddles (stacked) on the lower abdomen with the smooth, blue side facing the body. Make micromovements to locate any hotspots in the region, which may indicate areas of the body that need more energy.

Alternatively, you can utilize the Total Body Bed in combination with the Square Pad to target the pelvic region. For this position, center the Square Pad on the lower abdomen with the blue, smooth side facing away from the body. Here, the electromagnetic fields from the bed and the Square Pad create a push-pull effect for the comprehensive stimulation of the cells.

In addition to these tools, an overall healthy lifestyle will support bladder wellness in immeasurable ways. Consume all the raw materials your body needs to perform at its best—water, nutrition, exercise, rest, and PEMF.
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