Biohacking to the Next Level

The Pulse Centers team took a trip cross-country to the 6th Annual Biohacking Conference in Beverly Hills, California. The three-day conference brought together global rockstars of the biohacking community alongside 1,200 attendees. The focus of the show was on physical fitness, cognitive wellness, and a healthy diet and lifestyle. It was a weekend of hands-on ‘hacks’ from leading-edge technologies, breakout sessions with industry pioneers, tailored meals and many other topics. VP of Marketing at Pulse Centers, Kris Altiere, shares, “This was the company’s second time attending the conference and the energy and passion during this conference solidifies the continuing trend in the Health and Wellness space. The excitement and open-mindedness of this community gave Pulse Centers the opportunity to continue to expose products to this emerging market.” Our team delivered over 400 Pulse Pro Experiences in just 3 days and was certainly the most popular piece of technology on exhibit in the Tech Playground event.

Evolving Modalities

The global health and wellness movement has people taking health matters into their own hands, educating themselves, looking for natural and safe alternatives to medications, looking for ways to increase their wellbeing. These individuals wish to improve their longevity and become high performers in all they do. Nirav Desai, SVP at Pulse Centers, believes that biohacking is gaining market acceptance in terms of both the valuation of biohacking businesses and mainstream business leaders acknowledging its value to themselves and their enterprises. The opportunity for naysayers and traditional “experts” is to stop saying, “This [amazing result] could not have happened because conventional wisdom says it can’t,” and instead to explore why it works. Modalities are continuing to evolve and show benefits to users across the entire wellness spectrum, not just biohackers.

Pulse PEMF Exercise Systems

There is a lot of opportunity to combine our siloed efforts to add even greater value to the market. Our impact at the 6th Annual Biohacking Conference continues to affirm our belief that PEMF is truly a foundational and complementary model. One of the reasons our system is so popular is because people actually feel something markedly different during a session. And they feel better afterward. Pulse Centers offers a diverse array of innovative PEMF technologies, including three state-of-the-art systems and numerous PEMF body-application accessories, unrivaled in quality. Our PEMF Exercise systems have made a significant contribution to the wellbeing and quality of life for individuals worldwide while supporting the growth of this exciting and emerging industry. For more information on our PEMF technology, visit our website and download our brochure: PEMF Research Behind the Results. We look forward to seeing many of the same complementary companies and open-minded individuals at Paleo f(x) April 26-28 in Austin, TX. 

Author: Pulse Centers
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