4 Myths around High-Intensity PEMF Debunked

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There is a lot of misinformation about the various High-Voltage or High-Intensity PEMF systems.  The main point being stated is that high-voltage PEMF systems are dangerous and can be harmful to the human body.  This statement is indeed nothing but a myth that I will dispel in this article.

Continue reading for 4 of the more common myths surrounding PEMF below.

1) “High Intensity (voltage) PEMF systems are dangerous.”

According to Dr. William Pawluk, there is no reliable evidence that proves that hypothesis.  In fact, he states that there is an overwhelming amount of data that says just the opposite that high voltage PEMF systems are totally safe and harmless.  This falsehood comes primarily from low voltage PEMF manufacturers who are trying to make their system sound like the only system that people should use. This obviously is a self-serving statement to enhance their bottom line but is not the reality.  High voltage systems have been around for decades. Pulse Centers, for example, has operated and produced high voltage systems for the past twelve years with an extremely high rate of safety. Those of us who use these devices know of its effectiveness and safety and cannot imagine using anything different.   

Some of the scare tactics on these devices relate to claims made against the first commercially available high-voltage system, the Papimi.  It was much more powerful than most of the High Voltage systems that are currently available. Some found this pulse to be a very unpleasant experience especially when turned on higher intensities and applied to more sensitive areas on the body, like the head and the core organs.

Still, many people have gotten relief from the system and praise it for its benefits.  The Papimi is compliant with a Medical Device Directive earning the EC Declaration of Conformity certification and ISO Standard certifications for system compliance and safety in Europe.     

2) “Only certain wave types or shapes are effective at getting a result.”

Dr. Pawluk, the expert in PEMF, has made it very clear that the wave can have virtually any shape and it will still be effective.  There is no special wave type that works or those that do not. The effectiveness of PEMF comes from putting energy into the cells and how broadly it can be applied, the amount of time pulsing (the more the better), the amount of power or intensity (increase power when needed to get a shift), how effectively the PEMF is delivered into the body (the accessories and if they are lined up on the area of issue) and delivering the PEMF at multiple angles.  These are the important factors not wave shape.

3) “The 7.83 Schumann Resonance oftentimes referred to as the Earth’s Frequency is the ultimate frequency.”

This is one of the more common myths that is being passed around on PEMF.  That if we just use the 7.83 Schumann resonance for everything it will have miraculous results.  First, there are many different earth or Schumann resonances so there is not just not one single frequency.  Those of us who use many different PPS settings especially those at Extremely Low Frequencies (ELF) less than 200 hertz know they all have beneficial effects on the body.  Now if we can hone in on the optimal settings for each case then the results might be faster and the person might be more comfortable but they all are effective at delivering PEMF into the body.

4) “The ideal amount of PEMF time is 8 minutes twice per day.”

Even the most occasional PEMF user knows that the more time the better.  Simply stated, there is no such thing as too much PEMF time. One can do it too strong particularly if they have an acute issue, but you cannot overdo it on the time.  The more time that you use PEMF then the faster that one will gain the full benefits of the system.

Most imbalances take a period of sessions to get the necessary cellular exercise and maintain the required level of energy to start functioning at an optimal level.  Some people may need 3-4 hours a day of PEMF while others may have one small issue and only need one hour to get a great result.

In conclusion, all types of PEMF systems are useful, safe and have some benefit.  In spite of this, there is still a lot of misinformation out there about high voltage systems. Clearly, some of this is coming from people in the low voltage field who want to increase their profit share of the PEMF market.  However, the best way to handle this is to educate yourself from many sources. Meaning that we should read from both viewpoints, high and low voltage perspectives.  This will enable you to gather a much more accurate and complete understanding of the differences and benefits of each type of system.

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Author: Pulse Centers
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