10 Innovators at the 2018 SPARK Biohackers Summit

Spark Biohacker Summit

The SPARK Bio-Hack Summit is a three-day event in Toronto where technology, culture, and health intersect. It is a transformative, exciting, and game-changing conference for biohackers across the country. Top experts in their fields, including Dr. Sanjeev Goel, Saad Alaam, Teemu Arina, Bryan Hardy, and Ben Greenfield {Check out: Ben Greenfield talking to us about Pulse Centers PEMF Here} were among the speakers at the event pushing the limits of what the human mind and body can do. Check out the recap video with our CEO and technology at the conference below!

What is Bio-Hacking?

A new practice in wellness known as Biohacking is generating a lot of buzz across the country. What exactly is it? Biohacking is the application of systems thinking and deep understanding of genetics, epigenetics, physiology, and nutrition to take your physical & mental performance, health and wellbeing to a new level. Dave Asprey, a pioneer of the practice, puts it in simpler terms: “To change the environment both inside and outside of you so you have full control of your biology, to allow you to upgrade your body, mind, and your life…the art of becoming superhuman.” {Related: Check out Dave Asprey talking to us about Pulse Centers PEMF Here.}

Many biohackers have been interested in Pulse Centers PEMF as we help optimize the body’s natural healing process on a cellular level. Our technology was one of many at the conference and below are 10 companies we came across in Toronto!

10 Vendors at the Event

1) Harmonic Arts

Harmonic Arts is a Vancouver Island-based provider of innovative organic herbal teas, salves, and blends. They are dedicated to sourcing wild-harvested and sustainably farmed plant supplements to maximize human health and wellness. Both nutrition and PEMF are two of the four steps to lasting health. Doing both consistently only maximizes the results. {Related: Read more 4 Steps to Lasting Health Here.}

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2) Pure Harmony

Pure Harmony Pendants use the concept of harmonic resonance to release past trauma from the human body, allowing its wearer to naturally reintegrate a healthy state of body and mind {Pulsing at 7.8 PPS, also known as the Schumann Resonance, helps you stay tune with the Earth’s Pulse & is key to our well being.}

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3) HumanCharger

HumanCharger is an innovative device to combat jet lag and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Unlike other light-therapy devices which expose a user to bright external light, the HumanCharger uses an earbud LED system to directly deliver the proper bandwidth of light directly to light-sensitive areas of the brain.

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4) Chronomics

Chronomics takes genetic analysis to the next level by testing epigenetic factors in your DNA. Epigenetic testing helps reveal what environmental factors have affected your DNA, and which external influences your body is more likely to react to, positively and negatively. This gives a greater understanding of what you need to remove or add to your life to reach peak health and performance.

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5) Neurohacker Collective

Neurohacker Collective produces QUALIA FOCUS & QUALIA MIND, which are blends of Nootropic supplements designed to improve the operation of the brain. Their products help increase focus by supplying critical nutrients that improve both short and long-term mental function. Using Pulse Centers PEMF to pulse the cranium with our paddles can also enhance brain function, and the two therapies can maximize each others effectiveness. {Read more on how PEMF can enhance brain function by charging the head with regular cellular exercise here.}

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6) Therasage

Therasage™ TheraFusion™ Infrared Technology goes beyond traditional forms of heat therapy by using full-spectrum infrared (Near and Far) light to pulse warming IR light into the body. From portable saunas to heating pads and other products, Therasage delivers Infrared healing along with negative ions to relieve the body and help restore optimal health.

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7) Vielight

Vielight makes wearable photo bio-modulation devices. By directing specific frequencies of light into the nasal capillaries, Vielight devices stimulate the mitochondria in the bloodstream to produce more ATP and release Nitric Oxide into the body, improving cellular function and dilating blood vessels in the brain.

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8) Ra Optics

Ra Optics makes Blue Light Blocking Glasses. Blue light, especially from artificial sources, affects the body’s melatonin-producing system, disrupting our natural sleep cycles. A few of us here a Pulse Centers loved them, so we had to get a pair for ourselves!

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9) myDNA

The team at myDNA consists of pharmacologists, molecular and clinical geneticists, researchers, genetic counselors, nutritionists and sport dietitians who work together to deliver an advanced interpretation of your genetic makeup. With their expertise, you can learn how and why your body is affected by medicines, supplements, foods, and other environmental factors in order to fine-tune your system and take charge of your own health.

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10) Eng3

Eng3’s patented NanoVi™ device creates a bio-identical signal to your body’s, stimulating repair of cell damage brought on by free radicals (also known as reactive oxygen species or ROS). Having healthy cells is essential to a healthy life! {Read more on how PEMF is beneficial for everything here!}

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The event in Toronto was a success and Pulse Centers was delighted to have a strong presence at the conference. Check out these awesome bio-hacking companies above and be sure to visit our website to see what Pulse Centers PEMF Therapy can do for you and your cells!